• Türkiye Visa Application Center is the sole institution officially authorized to receive visa applications for Türkiye in Algeria.

  • No. Türkiye Visa Application Center is only obliged to forward the applications to Embassy/Consulate and the visa decision is only given by Embassy/Consulate. Employees of Türkiye Visa Application Center have no positive or negative impact on the visa decision. If you encountered the claim that employees of Türkiye Visa Application Center have an effect on the visa decision, then please notify it to authorized officers of Türkiye Visa Application Center. 

  • Please click here to learn if you are needed to receive visa for Türkiye.

  • You can make your applications at Alger, Konstantin, Oran, Setif, Batna, Chlef, Tlemcen, Adrar, Tamanrasset, Bejaia, Annaba and El Qued Türkiye Visa application centers.

    Please click for detailed information.  

  • No. You can only make your visa applications at Türkiye Visa Application centers, which is the sole authorized body. 

  • A Türkiye visa affixed on the passport, by means of which you can travel via aircrafts and land vehicles, from which you can apply at Türkiye Visa Application Centers, if approved by Consulate/Embassy. 

  • A single-use Türkiye visa which is not affixed on the passport, for 30 days valid for 6 months, by means of which you can only travel via aircrafts. 

  • No application is received at our Türkiye Visa Application Center without appointment, except for emergencies. To apply for the visa, you can schedule an appointment at our Call Center. Please click here for our contact details.

  • You can only schedule your appointment by calling our call center.  
    Our Call center Number: +213023982900
    Our Call center E-Mail    : algeria@gateway.com.tr

  • No. You must personally submit your visa application at Türkiye Visa Application Centers.

  • No. Every applicant has to visit our offices in person during the visa application.

  • Please click here for details about visa application hours. 
     Sunday – Thursday: 08:30-16:00

  • Please click here for contact details of our offices in Algeria. 

    •    Alger: Cite Bouteldja Houidef No 1 Ben Aknoun, ALGER.
    •    Konstantin: 01 Rue du Docteur Calmet Belle Vue, CONSTANTİNE
    •    Oran: Cite Othamania, Angle C, Rue Galleini, ORAN
    •    Setif: Prres des 600 logements Rue Champs DAzure, SETİF
    •    Batna: 8 Rue Mohamed Boukhlouf. Parc a Forage BATNA
    •    Chlef: Boukevard Emir Abdelkader Cite 136 Bloc L No 8 Chlef
    •    Tlemcen: Cite Dalya No: 411 Kifen, Tlemcen
    •    Adrar: Cite 20 Aout Lotissement 007 Groupe No:002 Porte (01-02) Commune, ADRAR
    •    Tamanrasset: Site Ksar El Fougani 11000, Hoggar – TAMANRASSET
    •    Bejaia: 67 Logements, NO: 02 Bloc A Cite Tobal, El Khemis, BEJAİA
    •    Annaba: Tadjziat Kassiou lotissement No: 23 Commune de ANNABA
    •    El Oued: Cite 17 Octobre No: 04 El-OUED

  • To make your visa application, first you need to know the type of your visa.  Please click here to learn your visa type and relevant documents. 

  • No, only the applicant can pick up the passport. Only family members such as mother/father, siblings or spouse can pick up passport in the event of proving first degree relation. The invoice of payment must be brought in order to pick up passport.