Medical Visa

We would like to inform you, that in compliance with the degree of urgency we ease the process for applicants, who would like to take advantage of the healthcare system in Turkey. We would like to specify that the visa process can only be easing, if applicants supply an invitation by the hospital in Turkey, where treatment will be made. Also, a medical report about the present health problem and a medical report that indicates the health status and urgency of treatment by a Algerian healthcare organization. Accompaniments for the patient will receive the same convenience and Embassy/Consulate will be contacted so that the applicant can have an immediate treatment.

Invitation letter from the Turkish Health Institution can be sent via mail to related application center.


  • Passport

Original Passport with validity of min. 6 months after entry of Turkey and 2 empty pages. If existing ID details of passport and also old passport’s ID details and copies of old visa.

  • Copy of your passport data page(1st page)
  • Biometric Photos

2 biometric photos (5x5 cm) with white background, that were taken at least within the last 6 months.
Visa Application form filled and signed

  • Travel Health Insurance:

Insurance must be valid from the beginning date of travel. (original+copy).Gateway offers travel health insurance service at the Visa Application Center at the best value-price!

  • Original Invitation Letter stamped by the Turkish hospital inwhich it i mentioned how necessary it is and how long will the treatment take
  • Financial situation Documents
    - For an employee : Work certificate and salary slip of the last 3 months and bank account statement ( original+copy)
    - For a bussiness person/seller:  Trade register and bank statement (original +copy)
    - For a retired applicant : Retirement paiement document and bank statement ( original + copy)

NB : Applicants who are not working can not apply without sponsor! They have to prove the relationship (with Fiches De Famillie) with the sponsor and sponsor should submit the documents according to a – b- c.

  • Flight ticket reservation for the one who will accompany the patient..


  • Birth Certificate
  • Documents Pour Les Demandeurs Mineurs

If you travel without your parents, you need a written authorization letter written by your parents and signed by all of you

  • Non-Algerian nationals: valid Algerian residence permit