Visa Fees and Service charges

  • Visa Types  Fees  
    Single Entry Visa Fee 7300 DZD  
    Single Entry for Foreigners  60 USD  
    Multi-Entry Visa Fee 24300 DZD  
    Multi-Entry for Foreigners  190 USD  
    Single Transit Visa Fee 7300 DZD  
    Single Transit for Foreigners 60 USD  
    Double Transit Visa Fee 14600 DZD  
    Double Transit for Foreigners 120 USD  
    Gateway Service Fee 7850 DZD
    Premium Lounge (VIP) 11780 DZD
    Courier (City Centre.)    1000 DZD
    Courier (Outside City Centre.)  1500 DZD
    Visa Form Assistance DZD 500.00
    Photocopy DZD 15.00
    Printout Whatsapp, Viber DZD 15.00
    Visa Assist DZD 1,000.00
    Prime Time Morning 07:00-08:30 DZD 4,400.00
    Prime Time Afternoon 16:00-18:00 DZD 4,400.00

    NOTE: Premium Lounge Service Fee is inclusive of SMS, courier, biometric photograph, photocopying and print-out services.