Chairman’s Letter

Dear Valuable Applicants of our Turkish Visa Application Center,

First of all, I would like to greet you with respect. Throughout the history, a safe travel has always been important wherever you are without any exceptions. A safe life, self-protection instinct is natural characteristics of every living-being, and this instinct, of course, is at the highest levels for human-beings. If we take this simplest example; first humans had lived in the caves, where they had always wanted to protect themselves against strangers, and therefore built observation posts near their doors. Since then, we proceeded to build castle towers, walls and city gates which provide better protection at the highest altitudes of the topography. All these examples are an indicator of the importance placed by humans towards security.

Even today, when we became an owner of a house, the security ranks first among our top priorities. We always keep our doors locked to keep intruders away.  Therefore, the measurements taken by every country to protect their own borders should not be an awkward practice.  These measurements may sometimes be at the extreme levels whilst moderate or lower levels at some other times.  Security measurements are directly related with the conjectural dynamics and the need to security control. 

If the travelers see the visa as an entrance permit granted by the destination country to the travelers who have undergone background checks, then they will see that it is not a troublesome process by any means. On the other hand, if the authority of destination country makes its borders more secure, then confidence of individuals who will want to visit or invest in that country will be higher.  The importance of the issue is not the application of a visa procedure but implementing a procedure that is fast and effective by respecting the courtesy rules while checking all security risks.  The main criteria in evaluation of a visa application, generally, include checks on the social status and educational background of the applicant, followed by the authenticity of the documents required to be obtained from local authorities, and an inquiry on the political threats, and if applicant is listed as a restricted person by the destination country. As part of these three criteria, such as additional checks and inquiries may also be carried out. 

Best Regards,

Halis Ali Çakmak
Gateway Management Logistics Inc.