Security & Confidentiality Policy


The applicants who visit our application centers must pay due attention to and observe the following rules due to the security reasons. 

The applicants who visit our offices are restricted to bring into and use the following items in our offices:

  • All battery-operated or electronic devices such as mobile phones, cameras, video cameras, Audio/Video cassette, compact discs (CD), MP3 players, diskettes, laptop computers, portable music players 
  • Only plastic files which contains documents related to your application is permitted. All bags, including travel bags, backpack and briefcases, as well as zippered document holders, etc.  
  • Sealed envelopes or packages,
  • Any kind of material with sharp edges, pointy ends, inflammable and combustible materials (Match box/lighter/inflammable gas, scissors, sharpener, nail file, etc.)
  • Flammables, objects like firearms or any explosive material, 
  • Food & Beverage.  Please do not bring items of such nature or type along with you while visiting our Application Centers.
  • We have not got an allocated spaces/locker reserved to store said restricted items in our offices, there are no checkroom services. 
  • No third parties, except for applicant and applicant acting as your proxy, is allowed to enter in our offices to submit visa applications physically.  The applicants who physically need assistance of others are allowed to have their assistants during application process.
  • Our offices are monitored and recorded via CCTV cameras continuously 24/7 due to our security policy. 


Gateway Management, declares that it shall not disclose, distribute, share, offer or sell your personal data to any third parties unless you permitted us to do so in advance, or we are legally made obligated to do so by a court order or any other legal decisions of governmental authorities. 

Gateway Management is an outsourced partner of Diplomatic Missions across the world and is authorized to receive applications for various visa types, permits and travel documents and carry out non-administrative and non-judicial tasks/functions.  It has the same office terms with the relevant Diplomatic Missions. In processing of these applications, Gateway Management acts as a data processor, and data controller of relevant Diplomatic Missions.

We kindly would like to bring this important information to your attention.