Security Regulation

Security announcement for applicants who will visit our Visa Application Center.

Due to security reasons the following items are not allowed to be taken into the Application Center.

  • Cameras, voice/ video tapes, compact disks (CD), MP3 player, disks, laptops or any battery-powered devices like portable music players.
  • Travel bags, back-packs, briefcase, luggage, leather / textile bags like zippered pouches.
  • Sealed envelopes.
  • Matchbox / lighter / petrol or any inflammable matter.
  • Scissors, pencil sharpener or any sharp objects like rasps.
  • Guns or suchlike objects or any explosive object.


The above mentioned list is not only limited with the specified.

Due to security reasons, citizens who accompany applicants, cars or work liaison are not allowed for entry. Only applicants having impaired hearing / or are physically handicapped or are not speaking any language that is spoken at the application center can be accompanied by someone e.g. translator.

Attention Please:

There is no space at the Application center to hide any forbidden object. Applicants are asked to find alternative ways to preserve their belongings before entry of Application Center.