Visa Fees and Service charges

    Single Entry Visa Fee (IRAQI NATIONALS)  0 USD
    Multi-Entry Visa Fee (IRAQI NATIONALS)  0 USD
    Single Entry Visa Fee  (NONE IRAQI NATIONALS) 60 USD
    Multi-Entry Visa Fee   (NONE IRAQI NATIONALS) 190 USD

    For United States of America Nationals there is a additional fee of 160USD apport from the general visa fees.



      Gateway Service Fees 50 USD 
      For Non-Iraqi Nationals 50 USD 
      Premium Lounge (VIP) 100 USD (50 USD Additional Service Fee.)
      Biometric Photograph 10 USD
      Photocopy and Print Out Services 500 IQD 
      Courier Services ( Erbil - Duhok) 25 USD 
      Courier Inside Baghdad 10 USD
      Courier Out of Baghdad 15 USD


      Important information about our service fees; 

      The visa application fees are collected at our application centers for all Iraqi nationals. For nationals who are non-Iraqi, after they have made their visa applications, they must attend the appointment at the Embassy/Consulate at the day and time allocated and pay their fees during the appointment.

      All the payments shall be accepted only in USD and cash, we kindly would like to notify our applicants that no credit card payments shall be accepted.

      We provide a currency exchange service in our application offices. Our applicants who did not sustain dollars prior to their arrival can exchange IQD(Dinar) in accordance to the daily exchange rate from our offices.

      Our courier services are only available for our applicants who apply from our Erbil office and want to pick up their passport from our Duhok office.
      Our applicants wishing to utilize our premium lounge services also need to pay Gateway services fees.