Montage/ Assembly/ Installation Visa



  1. Manually filled visa application form by blue or black pen in capital letters with 1 photograph affixed to it, signed by the applicant
  2. Original Passport

    - The original passport should be issued less than 10 years with a minimum validity of 6 months from the date of entry to Turkey.
    - Your passport must have at least 2 blank pages.
    - The photocopy of valid passport first and last pages.
    - Passports which are not issued in jurisdiction for applicants applying under the jurisdiction of The Turkish Embassy, New Delhi need to be submitted with local address proof. (Only Registered Leave and License Agreement copy).

  3. Biometric Photos

    - Two biometric photos with white background that were taken within the last 6 months.depicting the full face including ears and all hair, clearly and completely visible without shadow, in 2.5 inch x 2.5 inch size.

  4. Travel Insurance

    - Travel insurance should cover at least duration of the trip in Turkey
    - Travel Insurance is mandatory requirement which should fulfill the below requirements,
    It should fulfill the below requirements:
    I. Medical Evacuation and repatriation expenses
    II. Personal accidental death
    III. Personal liability
    IV. Daily allowance in hospitalization cases
    V. This plan should cover the insured for a minimum of Euro 30000.

  5. Invitation Letter
    -Original invitation letter from Turkey or colour scanned copy with clear information. Invitation letter should have the Tax Number (VD Number) of the respective Turkish firm.
  6. Proof of Profession

    If applicant is employed,
    - Cover Letter from employer on company letter head with authorized signatory, name and designation with company seal. Also mentioned about the guarantee clause with the expenses of the trip.
    - Salary Slips/Certificates of the last 3 months and Form 16.
    - Last 3 months bank statement of company, in original or copies attested by bank.
    - Last 3 months bank statement personal, in original or copies attested by bank.
    If applicant is employer,
    - The company registration documents
    - GST / Goods and Services Tax.
    - Last 3 months bank statement of company, in original or copies attested by bank.

  7. Proof of financial means

    - Personal bank statement for the last 3 months , in original or copies attested by bank

  8. Travel Documents

    - Confirmed reservation of round trip flight ticket

  9. Additional Documents

    - If Agent is making the application on behalf of the applicant, letter of attorney from every applicant, in original
    - Recommendation /Registration letter from relevant Chamber of Commerce
    - Notarized copy of the bill of lading of the product sold to Turkish company
    - Agreement copy between the Turkish and Indian Company. (Agreement should mention period/ duration of the assembly and the names & passport numbers of the assembly staffs.)
    - Proforma Invoice of the machinery purchased / sold

  10. NOTE: All submitted documents must be current and complete. The incompleteness of the documents submitted for the visa application in Turkey may cause the application to be rejected. Embassy of Turkey in New Delhi has the right to request additional documents when it deems necessary. Presenting of the above documents does not guarantee that the visa will be granted. The Embassy reserves the right to refuse application without any explanation.There is no refund possibility in any circumstances. All forms and documents must be prepared and presented separately for each person (including family members or any group). The information contained provided here is a general guideline. Issue period is minimum 8 working days