In the recent years, we have been receiving complaints that there is are a vast number of fraudulent individuals who misrepresent themselves as officers of Gateway Management and deceive applicants, and the methods used for this purpose have been evolved and diversified.  We importantly recommend for applicants not to rely on and trust such fraudulent individuals, especially for the security of their own personal data. 

Legal action has been taken against all of these incidents; and this document is prepared in order to protect our valuable applicants against such victimization and inform them about the steps that they will need take if they are victimized and encounter to such incidents.

If, somehow, you are approached by any person or organization that are not associated or related with our company requiring you to make any payments and you made such payments, you may take following steps:

  • Please be informed that Gateway Management does not have any agent.  We provide our services directly to you in the branches published in our official website. Do not ever rely on and respect the persons and organizations who introduce themselves as our agent, who will check your application documents and schedule an appointment on your behalf. Such persons and organizations do not have any ties and relations with our Company.
  • You should personally call our call center to schedule an appointment.  No intermediary services are required; therefore, no such fees will be collected from you.  Any such statements and guidance are malicious conducts that aim at collecting money from you. 

Please kindly share this warning with your relatives or friends who plan to make a visa application.

Important Visa Information

Some Important Reminders:    

  • The Embassy/Consulate takes into account the travel dates on the application form, the travel dates on flight booking and the validity of the travel insurance to determine” the validity” and “the duration of stay” of the visa to be issued. The "validity period" and the "duration stay" cannot be changed/extended after a visa is delivered.
  • Applicants are required to fill out the “Travel Details Form” outlining the details of their travel history over the past 5 years. The completed form must be attached to the Visa Application. You can get this document and fill it in at our application centres. 
  • Refusal: The Embassy/Consulate is not obligated to explain the reason for visa refusal. In case of refusal, the applicant can re-apply after 3 months.
  • Refund: Visa fee is non-refundable.
  • Fake Documents: Submission of fake documents constitutes a crime according to the Turkish legislation.
  • Issuance of visa does not provide an absolute right to enter Turkey: In accordance with       Foreigners and International Protection Act no. 6458, Article 11/3.
  • Professional Certificate: Pakistan Medical & Dental Council (PMDC) certificate copy for doctors, Bar Letter for lawyers, Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC) certificate copy for engineers, Valid Tourism License copy for the Travel Agency owners and their employees must be attached with the Visa application.
  • Travel Health Insurance Certificate: In accordance with Foreigners and International Protection Act no. 6458, Article15/E, all foreigners wishing to apply for Turkish Visa shall submit a ‘Travel Health Insurance Certificate’ covering the duration of their stay in Turkey and as well as repatriation cost.

Application processing time will be 15 days from the date of submission of application for Islamabad Embassy and 17 days from the date of submission of application for Karach’ Consulate. In some cases, the visa procedure may take 3 - 4 weeks time. Therefore, it is recommended to apply at least 4 weeks before the departure date.

The Turkish Embassy / Consulate reserves the right to request additional documents.

Visa Application Process:

Important instructions for filling the application form:
Applicants contact details must be mentioned on the form
1.    Landline number (residence and office number with extension)
2.    Mobile number
3.    Email address.

Applicant must fill complete contact details of inviting company on the form. (Applicant can write inviter’s details manually in case if system doesn’t print the details.)

Application should be signed by each applicant if above 18 years of age. Otherwise for minors one parent can sign the application. If depended child is traveling with one parent, then affidavit from other parent is must along with parent’s contact details. And similarly, if child is travelling with relatives then affidavit from both parents is required. (Additionally, if parents are separated then affidavit and separation certificate is required or if one parent has expired the death certificate is required)

If applicant’s family/relatives live in Turkey and applicants intend to stay with inviter then inviter’s contact details must be mentioned along with copy of Turkish ID Card, residence permit, residence address.

For Individual applicants’ personal attendance is a must.
For Group Applications: Company’s Travel desk should contact Gateway for appointment via e-mail.
Email: karachi@gateway.com.tr (FOR GROUP APPOINTMENTS ONLY)