Appointed Teachers / Lecturers

Required Documents For Assigned Teachers Lecturers’ Visa

-    Passport with a minimum validity of 6 months from the date of departure to Turkey and with at least 2 blank pages.
-    Copies of the front pages of the previous passport, if any, and the valid passport.
-    Copies of used pages of current and previous passports.
-    Replacement documents for any missing passports (police report and English translation)

Biometric Photograph 
-    2 5x5 cm biometric photographs with white background and must be taken within the last 6 months.

Travel Health Insurance
-     It is a must to have a travel health insurance to be valid in Turkey from the date of travel and covers your travel term. The minimum security deposit limit must be 30,000 Euro / 50,000 USD. The insurance must cover repatriation costs.
-    For insurance cards, policies must be submitted.
In addition, insurance service is provided in our offices.

Polio (salk) Vaccine 
-    Document indicating that the person has been vaccinated in the last 1 year at the state hospitals or the authorized laboratory and that the vaccine covers travel time.

Travel Documents  
-    Round trip flight reservation (it is not recommended to purchase before your visa application is finalized).

Accommodation Documents 
-    Valid hotel reservation during your stay in Turkey. Booking dates must be in line with flight dates.
-    Invitation letter, if any (personal invitations must be notarized). The invitation should state the identity information of the invitee, contact information and the address, the duration of the visit, and, if any, the proximity with the applicant. 
-    If the invitation is made by a company, the tax id number must also be specified.
-    The land registry or lease contract in Turkey, if any.

Family certificate (FRC)
-    A family certificate must be submitted for the application. If the applicants are newlywed couples the marriage certificate must be submitted (MRC). Family certificate is required also for individual applications to be made with family applications. Family documents to be taken from NADRA offices are also accepted.

Business Papers

If employee: 
-    Work letter to be taken from the institution he/she works for. The applicant must specify his/her position, working time, salary, date of employment.
-    Salary slip for last 3 months. 

Documents showing financial situation
-    It is required to submit a bank Maintenance Certificate signed by the bank clerk and a signed and stamped bank account statement (taken within the last 10 days and must include at least the last 3 months.)
-    National Tax Number of Pakistan (NTN).
-    Land Registry, lease agreements if any (optional).

Additional documents
-    Assignment letter approved by the institution of Higher Education.
-    Leave letter (NOC – Ex-Pakistan Leave) stating that there is no problem for officials to travel abroad).
-    If any, Certificate of Professional Competence to be obtained from the relevant institution (Medical Association, Bar Association, Chamber of Engineers, etc.) (Qualification Certificate).
-    Skill Certificate, if any, obtained from the relevant institution.
-    If the applicant does not apply together, the persons he or she travels with must provide the following documents.

Passport holder who does not need a visa; front page copy of passport.
If there is a sticker visa; front page copy of passport and copy of Turkey sticker visa.
If there is an electronic visa; front page copy of passport, copy of electronic visa and valid Schengen /USA/UK/Ireland visa or copy of valid Schengen /USA/UK/Ireland residence certificate.