Premium Lounge Service

Please kindly call the following numbers to schedule an appointment: 

•    974 44953666

We kindly like to inform you that you may utilize these services during our working hours without having to book an appointment in advance.

 Please click here to learn necessary documentation. 

In our Premium lounge service, we provide services exclusive to you, 

•    Exclusive service by our personnel assigned exclusively to you
•    A faster application service in our Turkey Visa Application Center
•    SMS Service at every stages of status of your application
•    Free of charge SMS, courier, biometric photograph, photocopying and printing services for your application
•    Tea/coffee, cold drinks, snack treats

The fee of premium lounge service is not included in the application service fee. If you choose Premium lounge service, you will receive SMS, courier, photocopying, printing, photograph services free of charge.

Note: Please kindly note that your choosing of our premium lounge service will not have an impact on the decision of Embassy/Consulate and the period required for conclusion of your application.  

SMS You can receive SMS service while applying for the visa at our visa application center. Please make sure that the number that you will use to receive SMS is a correct one.

PHOTOCOPYING AND DOCUMENT PRINT-OUT You can perform all photocopying and document print-outs necessary for your application at the Turkey Visa Application Centers.