Visa Fees and Service charges

  • Visa Type Price
    Single Entry Visa 225 SAR
    Multi-Entry Visa 750 SAR
    Single Transit Visa 225 SAR
    Multi-Entry Transit Visa Fee 450 SAR
    Visa Type Price
    Gateway Service Fee 241,50 SAR
    Premium Lounge (VIP) 367 SAR
    Hotel Reservation 52.50 SAR
    Flight Reservation 52.50 SAR
    Photograph (4 pcs) 46 SAR
    Photocopying 2 SAR
    Print-out 6 SAR
    SMS 6 SAR
    Courier 115SAR

    NOTE: Premium Lounge Service Fee is inclusive of SMS, courier, biometric photograph, photocopying and print-out services.

    As an option, payment with credit card can be made from our offices.