Application Form

Please click for application form.

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  • All fields are mandatory to be captured in application form. 
  •  In case the applicants Surname/ First name is not mentioned or is blank in his/ her passport then the field must be repeated with the same name on the Application Form.
  •  Applicant’s complete name and other informations as per passport must be mentioned in the application form. 
  • Father & mother name must be fulfilled on the Application Form. 
  • Applicants are requested to click on the option “Add Person” for adding family members to the main applicant’s reference number. Please note family members reference number must be the same as per the main Applicant’s form ( If the visa category is same)..
  •  For Employment and Student  Visa Category applicants can only apply for a single entry visa. 
  •  For Machine Assembly, Repair and Maintenance Visa Category applicants can only apply for a multiple entry visa. 
  •  Kindly note that all the documents uploaded for the Application Form must be as per requirement, if the documents uploaded are incorrect or not as per the requirement then a new Application form will have to be filled.

 Check document upload guide for your reference.

•    Business Visa Application Document Upload Guide 
    Tourist Visa Application Document Upload Guide