Platinum Lounge

A super-premium, luxurious experience when you apply for your visa

The Platinum Lounge offers privacy and comfort, away from the hustle and bustle of the main visa application centre.

You can relax in your own private booth within the tranquil and modern lounge, while our staff take care of the entire process, from the personalised chauffeur service to and from the centre, to the completion of the entire visa application form.

Key features of the Platinum Lounge include:
•    Priority Visa Service as standard for visa processing
•    Chauffeur Service –pick-up and drop-off from anywhere in Dubai or Abu Dhabi
•    Privacy and comfort, in a luxury lounge away from the main visa application centre.
•    Secure Wi-Fi connectivity, not available anywhere else within the visa application centre
•    Assistance with filling in application forms 
•    SMS & Email updates at every stage of the visa application and decision process.
•    Courier for direct return of passports 
•    Drinks and snacks

Please note:
You do not need to pay an additional fee online for Form Filling Assistance, SMS and Courier return service if using the Platinum lounge service at the Visa application centre.
Platinum lounge service is not available in conjunction with the Prime Time and Premium Lounge appointment service.
Only one should be selected before making an appointment.
For further information, you may call us at  +971 42055720 or email us at in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

Note: Please kindly note that your choosing of our Platinum Lounge service will not have an impact on the decision of Embassy/Consulate and the period required for conclusion of your application.