Prime Time

Prime Time Services allows you to make a visa application during out of office hours. 

Out of office hours in which Prime Time Applications could be made are in between: 

08:00-09:00 – and 15:00-16:00 Hours. 

For information about the required documentation please click. 

For booking an appointment for our Prime-Time Services please visit our appointment webpage: 

Doorstep Services: 

Our Doorstep Services provide special privileges for our applicants:

  • Your visa application is received at your own address by our specially selected and dedicated staff. 
  • SMS services informing our applicants about every stage of their application.
  • Free courier services, photocopying and print out services are provided alongside the application.

Doorstep service fees are not included in the regular service fees. In the event of applicants choosing doorstep services they shall utilize our additional courier, print out & photocopy services for free.  

Note: Please kindly note that your choosing of our doorstep service will not have an impact on the decision of Embassy/Consulate and the period required for conclusion of your application.  

Please click here to inquire further about the necessary documentation. 

You may call our call center agents at: … to book an appointment or e-mail our customer representatives at the following mail address: